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    Subject: Larson op-ed 1/4/09
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    Jack B. Nimble
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    re: 1/4/09 L.A. Times "Meltdowns, So What Else Is New"- John Lauritz Larson,0,7143608.story

      Try this for a new party line for those who think the nation could stand to move to the left:   
    Look at what the nasty conservatives did to us!  They took away all the regulations that were
    saving us from the crooks.  We all KNOW  that this is a crook-generated (translate:
    speculators) financial crisis and what we simply need to do is put the regulations back in place
    and this will all go away.  To a small businessman like me this smells suspiciously like the
    "apparatchik under every desk" model tried for seventy years (long, long ago) by the Soviet
    Union (in a galaxy far, far away).  Since this type of thinking causes me to hyperventilate I
    must...  MUST!... cast about for other answers and so I submit this party line for those who
    prefer to be socialist-contrary:  We deregulated on the UP side whilst failing to deregulate on
    the DOWN side.  "Too big to fail" and "We must never allow another Great Depression"--  
    combined with other policies which amounted to financing everyone's feel-good altruism by
    printing up money and throwing it at social goals (while all the time ensuring that you get a
    little extra too)-- amounted to making it government policy to breed ever-stupider investors
    whose can't-lose position became "follow the rise" instead of "I'm actually risking my fortune
    on this so I'd better eat, sleep and breathe the fundamentals of whatever industry I'm betting
    on".  It ends up effectively being an unholy alliance of government with whoever wants to
    make easy money, but the catch is that everyone is all-in for the expansion of bubbles instead
    of thinking about making winning bets on what is the will of the people regarding the allocation
    of resources.  Government workers are not, in my opinion, MOTIVATED enough to correctly
    call the moves in this game, always choosing 'cover my own a__ first' as times get worse and
    worse and the gulags (OK, now I'M speculating) fill up with the best and brightest thinkers.  
    Give me a nasty speculator to be the economic brains of this nation, as long as A) he is
    betting with genuine risk against other nasty speculators, B) the government has had the guts
    to clear monopolies off the never-level playing field and C) the government... wait...  
    NOTHING ELSE.  What is the next thing up from Trillion? Quadrillion, I think.  We'd better
    learn the word now because we'll need it for the future fight against the NEXT Next Great
    Depression, along with terms such as Troika and Police State.

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    The Times doesn't publish letters that long! If were to go with what you wrote, they would
    chop it down to no more than maybe three paragraphs - and you would not like it at all.
    Anyway, at least you made yourself clear this time -- congratulations. But you still fail to
    realize what you are promoting: 50-75% unemployment that will make the Great
    Depression look like a party. That's what they're talking about when they talk about too
    big to fail -- too big to let that many people end up out of work (and not just the company
    employees, but all the many, many other companies that will lose because of links to that
    company, just as all the auto parts makers who have not done any bad business will go
    under if the GM company they sell to goes under). Save the company in order to save
    the jobs.
    You keep talking that they are saving the speculators. No, not at all. They are letting the
    stock become worth ZERO even as they save the company from bankruptcy - thus, the
    speculators are losing everything, but the jobs are being saved, and whatever that
    company produces or does continues to be available.
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    Subject: RE: Larson op-ed 1/4/09

    didn't you feel anything about the DIRECTION of the nation? you talk like complete
    acceptance and nowhere to go but bigger intervention in the future, nationalize and
    central plan more and more: THAT WAS THE CENTRAL CORE OF MY letter and you
    just breezed by. Plus, the ratings agencies and big financial corps that allowed the
    hokey mortgages and crazy derivatives weren't speculators?  What were they...
    momentum investors?

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    Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2009, 7:30 AM

    No, I didn't breeze over it. You don't seem to understand that there will be
    no nation going forward if you allow the economy to so totally collapse. And
    if you do nothing, as you suggest, the economy will so completely collapse
    that the Great Depression will look like a cakewalk.
    Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 17:23:34 -0800
    Subject: RE: Larson op-ed 1/4/09

    are we so low in percentage of entrepreneurial spirits in this country
    that we are totally dependent on corporations, gummint, shrinks and
    ambulance chasers?  should we go ever farther in that direction?  how
    long can we suspend our eternal vigilance before it becomes "1984"?
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    Subject: RE: Larson op-ed 1/4/09
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    Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 6:41 PM

    Yes, in fact, we are very thoroughly dependent on corporations -
    we have let them control far too much -- become too big to fail
    becuase they control too much. Thus, as we are, they can
    completely and utterly bring down the country, as is happening
    with this economic collapse. This collapse definitely has the very
    real possibility of being as bad as the Great Depression, and
    being even far worse than that. Thus, government is acting in the
    only responsible manner, unlike the irresponsible manner in
    which Prez. Hoover failed to act, and thus brought about a
    deeper and longer depression. We already know what his
    inaction produced -- but you keep advocating inaction anyway.
    That is a tried and failed approach -- you seem to be one of the
    only ones who failed to learn that lesson in the past 80 years.
    It is fantasyland to think a bunch of little entrepreneurs will swoop
    in tomorrow and hire 100 million people in good paying jobs that
    produce all the goods and services we have now and need and
    want -- hire them all overnight as that is how fast the jobs are
    being lost. If those entrepreneurs were going to do that, where
    have they been for all these years that they have not done it?
    The only thing that got us out of the Great Depression was the
    massive spending (meaning jobs) that came with WW II. And that
    is why they are saying a MASSIVE spending plan is needed now,
    not something too small, as had been done prior to WW II by
    Roosevelt and the alphabet soup job programs. Something huge
    enough to shock the system back is needed, not a mere safety
    net. And meanwhile don't lose what we already have, and thus
    merely hold the line with that huge spending. Keep what we
    haven't already lost and add more to it. That is, save the jobs we
    have rather than let the companies go under and disappear. And
    create a ton of new jobs -- as in Barack's plan for a public works
    program, not just a tax cut handout.
    If you want to fire the bastards who are running those failing
    corporations, fine. But don't kill of the jobs that are at the heart of
    what you need.
    Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 20:00:39 -0800
    Subject: RE: Larson op-ed 1/4/09

    I thought it would be more like 100 million entrepreneurs
    swooping in tomorrow and hiring a bunch of little people in
    good paying jobs that produce all the goods and services
    we have now and need and want. But no:  we've had
    government policies for almost 80 years that could have
    been written for the express purpose of breeding just such a
    group of whiney dependents as we now are saddled with,  
    This is the ULTIMATE too big to fail, and now what do we
    do.  The way out is not to have bred such a flock of
    millstones in the first place. You could make Marx-Engels-
    Leninism work if you had a decent enough bunch of people
    to work with, you could make any system work with such a
    group.  The question that needs to be answered is "What is
    the system that tends to increase the proportion of such
    citizens?" Maybe we are too moribund already and the only
    thing to do is kiss our ass goodbye (I hear Sarcozy and Blair
    and the German guy are agitating for a world financial
    system managed by the U.N.), or maybe there WILL be
    some kind of upheaval (did I say I thought Barack would be
    much likelier to preside over WWIII than Senator John?)
    which we still might come out of as a bastion of freedom.
    Maybe it's just like a little food poisoning, you know, where
    you throw up and then feel better... bJorden P.S. There
    seems to be a little blindness in your MOST WONDROUS
    certainty that it was Hoover, and not the spew of panicky
    and possibly ill-advised socialist makework legislation forced
    through by crocodile-mouthed hummingbird-assed panic
    mongering do-gooders in the period following. P.P.S  Money
    can represent value or it can be fake.  If there were a power
    on earth that could say shock the system with MASSIVE
    SPENDING and have that mean a massive surge of value,
    then that would be something to consider. But what's being
    done is actually a dog and pony show that they hope
    against hope that everyone will buy into, each with his own
    little bit of actual value, and so make it come true.  But the
    biggest players in this skin game are the TooBigToFailBoys
    and are they really on board and do they go ooh and ahh
    as the printing presses gear up from billions to trillions to

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    Subject: RE: Larson op-ed 1/4/09
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    Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 8:06 PM

    You're blinded to the fact fact you are advocating
    chaos and anarchy and the dissolution of order.
    NOTHING in the history of mankind has ever worked
    without regulation. There is no "free" market
    competition without regulation to establish the
    competition. Regulation is merely a matter of setting
    the ground rules of the game.
    On Jan 9, 2009, at 7:47 PM, Jack Nimble wrote:

    pfui! nothing starts from the top down. the main
    thing is, as Larry Ellison said, "What do we tell our
    kids?" there's always some charlatan coming
    around saying he either started everything or is a
    direct philosophical descendant of whoever did.
    no one has codified the teleology of the human
    race and no one ever will:  titans of finance will
    battle and thus "regulate" each other, and the
    myopic petty dictators who self-reinforce
    themselves that someone, somewhere in their
    group knows everything that needs to be done to
    achieve nirvana, will only produce zilch, their total
    product being friction, smoke, and the
    redistribution of honest people's creativity and
    productivity according to the latest half-baked
    psychosocial dabblers' fad!

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    Subject: Re: Larson op-ed 1/4/09
    Date: Saturday, January 10, 2009, 7:26 AM

    Everything starts from the top down. Since
    when do the employees hire the boss?
    Without regulation, you would not have the
    titans battle each other into effective
    regulation. Yu would have a monopoly called
    the Mafia -- at best. Of course, even the
    Mafia regulates! You would just rather have
    the criminals control and regulate everything
    instead of the good people -- because that
    is the ONLY thing that can come of your
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    no whassamattah me! whassamattah


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