Dear Little Dot,

You were going to call me about
Gramma's car...

I see 20 Lions
And what do I see?
I see that I’d better hope
They don’t see me!
Or I better say, “feet don’t fail me
‘Cause I cain’t run no better than a
Dear M;
There are marriage makers and there
are marriage breakers.  There are only
two members in the former group.  
Anyone else who claims to be going to
create a good effect on that marriage is
on a scale from "all wet"  down to "just
plain evil".

Maybe you'd like some boxing coaching...


Dear M & K,

Grandma Evelyn is gone.
She was a trooper in life, a trooper as
a secretary for MI9 in Egypt during
WWII and a trooper in her last years.

She left quickly on the morning of
Christmas Eve.

Perhaps we can honor her by calling
the day Christmas Evelyn from now on.

                       Letter to Bill
                                                               Jan 22, 2010

Dear Bill,

Here it is 2010!

We’re having a rainy day down here in LaLa Land and I just finished paying my
truck registration and contractor bond.  I also finished my business tax registration
but this year it’s $0 ($153 to $180 in the past) because I made less than $100,000
in 2009 (not that I made more earlier but this year they changed it, I don’t know why
because I know LA’s hurting for income).  I feel like someone just sent me $153 for
Christmas, maybe.

Roz and Russell’s street was ‘evacuated’ this week, but Russell stayed with the
dogs (they have three now) and nothing much happened.  (They’re up under the
‘Station’ fire burn zone).  Later Roz said that the two parallel streets
evacuated and it looked like the only reason their street was ‘evacuated’ was it was
preferable for moving heavy equipment should that prove necessary.  Roz went
back with the order still on and they only made her sign a statement of ‘own risk’.

I’m listening to the Michael Medved show on the local conservative talk show station
KRLA (I used to ‘DX’ their Top 40 radio in the ‘60’s from Reno, admiring such
personalities as Emperor Hudson).  There’s a place in Utah where the cows are
healthier and give more milk because they are fed marijuana (says one caller).  The
City Council here is up in arms about the hundreds of ‘pot clinics’ that have sprung
up selling ‘medical’ marijuana.  All I know is that when I was in Scientology, you had
to wait 24 hours or something after drinking alcoholic beverages before you could
get auditing.  The wait for marijuana was 6 months.  The last cannabis I did was
some hash a couple of times in ’69 in Germany.  I took the Scientology message to
heart and haven’t smoked anything but tobacco ever since (possibly excluding
some secondhand smoke once).

Work seems to be picking up ok this year in spite of the economy.  I never noticed
much correlation between my busy-ness and what big companies were doing
anyway.  I just finished patching and painting a coved-ceiling in a cramped kitchen
that was so full of cabinets, refrig. and a huge old stove (with lever handles that
kept turning on when I bumped them with my butt) that I had to do it all off a ladder,
up and down, up and down.  Because it was occupied I had to plastic and un-plastic
three or four times, and sanding the existing good enamel put yellow dust into every
cabinet anyway.  When I finally figured out the bill I knocked off $300 or so just
because I couldn’t remember why it had been worth so much.  I also know that the
big cracks will reappear at the next temblor of any size.

Haiti seems to be another example of my theory that we knock the legs out from
under 3rd world places that we influence.  The people with motivation and
imagination figure things out and come to the States, leaving dummies, bullies and

I heard that the Loma Prieta quake where that double decker freeway collapsed
killed fewer than 100 in similar population density and with the same Richter number
(and bigger buildings).  Haiti is generating estimates of 100
thousand or more.  It
seems to me that it’s a cruel joke saying we’re leaving them as an ‘independent
nation’ because we ‘hate imperialism’.

                                Aug  '10

The reason for a young woman to be
protective of her procreational
activities from wooing to screwing, from
courting to cavorting, was in the past
std's and unwanted pregnancy.  With
the advent of easy birth prevention
and antibiotics and blockers and
such-- and assuming 100% efficacy for
these--, is there still any reason
anybody but fools would want to
promote chasteness in young women
and respect for this from young men?
How about the importance of children
and the chance for either an enhanced
or a deteriorated future civilization
based on quality of parents?  "Little to
win but nothin' to lose" * passes right
up the line from prepubescent
experimentation through prom night
through graduation day (graduation
from gratification of the flesh to
gratification of procreative and societal

* Strawberry Alarm Clock   c.1967

P.S. When I wrote this I was still
thinking I had nothing but
daughters to
worry about, screwing up their
endocrine systems, kidneys &/or livers
just to pleasure some scrofulous
Organized Religion The Only Kind;
Multiple but finite horizons: sex
in the way.

To ask myself the question whether--
on some non-physical plane-- I have
some sort of existence, is to have that
existence.  To forbid the asking is to
throw oneself onto the trash heap of
abject materialism.  It's similar to
discovering one is not an antisocial
personality by noticing that one
wonders whether  one is an antisocial
A "Spirit Universe" is to me just a model
or representation suggesting that there
is a hierarchy of horizons when you are
considering whether or not you are
surviving well, not so well, adrift, or just
about to get creamed any instant now,
e.g.:  Marriage.  
Marriage is the real thing, a long term
procreative relationship.  Sex is easier,
more available, more simple-minded.   
But what about the possibility of 'in the
moment' sex getting IN THE WAY of a
long term procreative relationship?
Horizons are a way of thinking of
looking farther off.  Who was it that
decided there was no horizon beyond
what could be weighed, measured and
Later still--
No organized religion:
"I'm not close enough to you to discuss
the grander implications, so we're really
just stuck here in the sucky-fucky first
valley.  Maybe someone or something
will pull our viewpoint up onto the next

Organized religion:
"As unpleasant as it may be, i'm
obligated by my relationship with my old
Sunday School (Catechism, Shul,
Moslem-equivalent) Teacher to at least
acknowledge the existence of
longer-range survival goals and, if
possible, consider the possibility of
discussing them earlier rather than

*   *   *

I, as a father, would be foolish to
my answers to these
questions before being asked;  there is
no magical entree for me unless maybe
to put on my best cryptic face and say
something along the lines of "What will
you tell YOUR
                    PEDO file
(after C's response to my CC'ed email
trying to convey my attitude about
abortion on a 'feelings' level)

 The point is, we, i.e. this extended
family, are a complex system wherein
every member has to, in real time,
intellectually, be ready to 'hit the deck
running' when the group's stability,
wellbeing or survival becomes
more-rather than-less questionable.
 But you posit that you or some
intellectual brethren high in academic
circles has come up with an
that has a bottom line answer to any
problem the group has, at any
granularity and at any point in the
group's history, past-present-future.  
(really, isn't the ultimate intention here
that these matters can then be run by
proxies like gummint functionaries
without the necessity of any monitoring
by group members)
 And surprise, surprise, one of the
answers which come out of the punch
card printer, which you then have to
defend because you "know" it's
"correct," is-- remarkably, hysterically
even-- termed an abomination by
some myopic non-visionaries
 And this is a possible explanation of
why one finds perfectly kindly and
rational people defending shady
backroom practices recognizable as
such by anyone over the age of, say,
5, arrived at with neat perfection
through an unassailable calculus and
checked time and again by experts in
the latest models and possessed of
the latest real world data.
 Sometimes intuitive or dare I say
spiritual explanations are ones that
throw light and 'scientific-rationalistic,'
dare I say materialistic, is where the
darkness is born.