5/23/09 L.A. Times Opinion "Rutten: Noonan's Speech at Notre Dame"Saturday, May 23, 2009 8:21 PM
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re: 5/23/09 L.A. Times Opinion "Rutten: Noonan's Speech at Notre Dame"

  Tim Rutten frames the prop 8 debate as if rationality could only come from academic portions of our society, while
logic-excluding emotionalism and rigid traditionalism were all that could be expected from "evangelical ministers,
Catholic bishops of the reductionist[*] school and Mormon officials".
  There are undoubtedly those who warm quickly and cozily to the notion that the intuitive unease which led to the vote
to reaffirm our ancestors' understanding of the superficial "look" of marriage could be dismissed as mindlessly clinging
to one's faith.  But there are very practical underlying benefits to having boys and girls realize that their social
interactions are, indeed, special.
  To this mindset that views a majority of Californians as speaking in tongues last November I say "Read My Lips!"

                               *it means thinking in catch phrases, kiddies.