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destructive or deadly to "revolutionize."
Oct 2010
Black skin is genetic, but as far as I
am concerned gay will always be
behavioral unless and until the elusive
"gay gene" is mapped.
What this means is that there is a
substantive divide between black
requests that the nation take concrete
actions to forward their "civil rights",
and GLT claims of a logically parallel
forwarding of their desire to participate
in what we call marriage, heretofore an
institution put forward by a multiplicity
of groups, but always about a man, a
woman and any children they might
produce (and a natural and simple
primal building block upon which to
develop human cultures from
australopithecus on.)
Marriage is about behavior and no
form of black involvement
fundamentally changes marriage
because color is a whole different
arena from behavior.  The behavior I'm
discussing is a couple protecting (and
thereby benefitting the broader
culture) the development of the easily
disrupted children issuing from them--
and spare me the shrill claim that
samesex couples or mixed quartets
and such can also raise children
because that's bass-ackwards from the
core reasoning that starts with the
genetic pair and its progeny and
proceeds to how to promote
improvement of THE SPECIFIC
ASSOCIATED behavior in order to
benefit civilization.  Even if that less
than 10 percent does the best
parenting in the world, the fact remains
that it is the BEHAVIOR of the straight
90 percent and the fact of BABIES
MAKING BABIES that is the target of
marriage.  Liberalizing the application
of marriage to include blacks is no
more than correcting a mistaken
exclusion.  Such
liberalization affects the DEFINITION
not one bit.  But such is not the case
with gays, who are demanding to be
included when that inclusion involves
REPLACEMENT of traditional marriage
with a "new", "improved", redefined
institution.  GLT's have been pretty
good citizens as individuals as far as I
can tell, but when they "lawyer up" and
demand samesex marriage as a civil
right, this is a harbinger I think of a
deep antipathy to the way civilization
has "done business" in the past, and
every human including gays and
lesbians should examine the brave
new propositions with which they wish
to supplant the old , and ask
themselves if there are any behaviors
fundamental to humanity's survival in
advanced civilizations that it would be
destructive or deadly to "revolutionize."